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Our use of small batch sizes provides us with an exceptional level of control in our process. This enables us to concentrate on the quality of ingredients, focusing on using organic produce and other products locally sourced in Florida. 


What once started for us as inexpensive homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends, quickly became a passion and business aspiration. With support from those closest to us, we strive to take it from just a dream, to reality.


​While we currently source our produce and other products in our process locally, our goal is to become a single source operation, eventually distilling our own spirits and growing our own ingredients. We hope with your support to achieve this.

Aerial View of Orchard

Brian Hughes

Owner / Operator

A founding partner of BFSB Cordials, Brian has always been a creative soul. From art and music, to the culinary arts and gardening, he's explored many outlets for his inspirations. Now utilizing his life experiences in retail and wholesale, and combining them with his constant creative hunger, he's an exceptional asset to the company.

Scott Roden

Owner / Operator

A founding partner of BFSB Cordials, Scott has an extensive background in the culinary arts and food safety. From proper handling and storage of ingredients to our bottling and sanitation processes, we rely on his knowledge. Having attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts and working in commercial kitchens over the years, his experience is invaluable. 


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