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creative ways to use our products

Teas & Lemonades

Our cordials are spectacular when mixed into teas and lemonades.

Simply add an ounce or two of your favorite flavor for a quick, easy, and refreshing drink.

Popular combinations include: Moracello & Lemonade, Pescocello & Black Tea, and Zenzerocello & Green Tea.

Lion Lemonade-1.jpg
Lion Lemonade-2.png

Swap in Favorite Cocktails

A variety of our cordials are perfect for making some classic cocktails even easier.

From swapping in our Limecello to   a Moscow Mule (recipe below), to using our Limoncello Scrioppo de Miele with your favorite bourbon for a quick and easy Gold Rush. 

Lion Lemonade-4.png

Cooking & Baking

Our products have a range of uses when it comes to cooking and baking.

From making a traditional Limoncello cake, to adding extra depth to your next Bananas Foster with our Banana Rum Cordial.

Explore the endless  possibilities   of what you can create with our unique flavors, and your imagination.

Chocolate Orange-1.jpg
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